Sellers call the shots when I'm buying a home, right? NO!

Home Buyers' Bill of Rights

The right to select a real estate agent to represent only your interests as a Buyer.
The right to absolute confidentiality.
The right to know what you can afford to pay for a house.
The right to know about all available properties that might meet your needs.
The right to know if there is anything physically wrong with the property.
The right to know if anything is going to happen in the neighborhood that could lower property values.
The right to know any reasons why the property might sell for less.
The right to professional help, such as a lawyer, surveyor, inspector, banker, etc.
The right to know what the property is worth before you make an offer.
The right to buy the property at the lowest possible price and on the most favorable terms.
The right to know what kind of financing best meets your needs.
The right to know how much cash you will need at closing.
The right to demand real answers and real numbers from the agent of your choice.